Valve Option:

There has been recent news about whether or not valve masks will protect other from people using masks with exhale valves. This is not the case with Plus Guardian Canada Masks, our masks are fitted with 3 layers of fabric between the users mouth and the exhale valve. This allows for proper filtration of the users exhale and also stop droplets from escaping. This multi-layer protection between the mouth and the exhale valve offers the same if not better filtration than your standard reusable masks. When you also add in a filter, now there is 8 layers of protection to filter the mask users exhale. The valve allows for a faster escape for your exhale, resulting in less condensation and keeps the temperature inside the mask lower than standard reusable masks. Making this mask perfect for people who want to avoid foggy glasses, or are temperature sensitive and want to experience a cooler feel while wearing a mask. 

No-Valve Option:

We also offer No-Valve Plus Guardian Masks that offer the same protection and layers of protection as the Valve option. The fabric we choose also allows for greater breathability than most reusable masks. So even though the valve option offers more ventilation of your exhale, some people prefer the look and weight of the no-valve option.