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Frequently Asked Questions

    1. How did this company start?
      Amidst an unprecedented global pandemic in recent times coupled with our desire to use our expertise and skills in support of recovery efforts, we decided to create an evidenced based reusable mask. We believe that at this time Medical Grade N95 (or equivalent) masks should be a priority for, and directed to, our frontline healthcare workers. 

      In light of the current and expected physical distancing measures, we feel that our masks can only further help protect any casual essential workers, and others, better than wearing nothing at all. With over 10 years of experience in the manufacturing industry, we believe our contributory efforts will help ease the worries of people using masks for non-medical situations. We are an evidence based mask brand. Please visit our research and citations page. These are not replacements for N-95 Masks. 

    2. When will my order be received & How long does it take to ship?
      Due to current conditions with covid-19, you may experience some shipping delays out of our control. All delivery times given are only estimates. We are working as hard as we can to process orders as quickly as possible, but please allow us up to 3-5 business days to get your order processed. We appreciate your patience in these times. Shipping roughly takes 2 - 7 Business days, but we will be shipping expedited.

    3. Do you ship overseas?
      Yes we do.  Our shipping policy is still between 2-7 business days, you will receive a tracking number to let you know when your order is out for delivery. We are currently working under high volume demand and we appreciate your patience while we work on getting everyone their orders as soon as we can.

    4. Who should wear the mask?
      The masks have been designed for anyone in the general populace and non-health care workers, leaving the medical grade masks for those working on the frontline.

    5. How does the mask fit? 
      This is unique to the end users facial features, we have made the dimensions available to you so you can see if it fits before ordering. Due to high demand the materials may vary from order to order but the quality and specifications will remain the same. We are trying to get everyone their masks as soon as possible!

    6. What is the Valve For? Is It Safe?

      There has been some speculations on how valves are not a good recommendations. Most articles that speak about this, are speaking about masks that are not reusable. Our Valve is built on re-usable fabric, Our valve has fabric in between the Valve and we have done a spray droplet test, in our videos that can be found on our product page or home page. We found that a lot of re-usable masks are hard to breath and the valve is to help you breath better while wearing the mask. Adding the PM2.5 Filters gives you 5 layers of protection and then the mask itself gives you 3 layers, a total of 8. We have not found any articles saying re-usable masks with valve are unsafe yet. As we did a droplet spray test on our video and we found no leakage. Please note these are not replacements for N95 masks and these are just a better alternative than wearing no protection or a scarf. As we do not make any medical claims,.

    7. Can you reuse the mask?
      Yes.  You can wash and disinfect masks after usage.

    8. Is it okay to share masks?
      No. You should never share masks.

    9. Is the mask refundable?
      No. For safety reasons, any mask(s) purchased will be final sale and cannot be returned.

    10. What type of filters can we use?
      We use a tightly weaved material which allows for breathability and comfort. We sell the 5 layer PM2.5 inserts which has, to date, been reported by the industry as effective filters for this purpose.

    11. How do I wash and take care of my masks & filters?
      Please review our Care Instructions Page ( Open Here ) 

    12. What was the reasoning for the fabric choice?
      Based on the current market we used the best materials we could find combining the technical specifications of PM2.5 filters and cotton, which is durable and can easily be washed, to create a reusable product that can help provide protection. This adds extra protection as there is the layer of cotton mixed in with the PM2.5 filters.

    13. Are any of your products available in store?
      At this time, the masks are available online only.

    14. Can I buy more than the 2500+ pack?
      For bulk orders more then 2500+, please contact us:

    15. Where Is My Order Confirmation #?
      Please note the confirmation order email can sometimes land in your junk mail please check and review! Need more help? Email

    16. Have you sold to any big companies or entities?
      View Here

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